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Based in the European Union, Kellys Heroes is an ARMA community which focuses on team-based online play. Join our Discord to get to know members. Play on our public servers.


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Kellys Heroes

click here to view video     Now that Kellys Heroes has migrated to our nice new shiny state of the art server, our very own [KH]Watson has produced a fantastic video as a tribute to the old server that was our home for the last 2 years.  It's funny and quite sad at the same time. [KH]Watson's done a great job with it.  Thank you to him and everyone who's enjoyed the past 2 years as much as we have.  Here's to the next 5 years! 
The king is dead.  Long live the king

ArmA3     Welcome to the world of ARMA 3 Kellys Heroes style.

Gameserver Donations

    The gameserver is hosted on a dedicated server which does not come cheap (ARMA eats CPU cycles) and is paid for by Kellys Heroes clan members and our community.  Without your donations the gameserver would not be available. If you regularly play on our server and wish to see it's continued presence in the ARMA community we would urge you to support it by donating from time to time. Please click on the Paypal button to show your support. Every little helps!.  Thank you.

Gameserver close times

    The gameservers may go offline from time to time enabling our server administrators time to update missions, server configurations and important patches. Whenever possible TS3 users will be alerted to this by an admin.