Kellys Heroes ArmA Clan | | Roster


Below you will find a list of Kellys-Heroes members according to rank and administrative roles.
You can find more information and further contact details by logging into the Kellys-Heroes Forum.

Clan Leaders

    [KH]Jman Clan Leader North Yorkshire, UK
[KH]Pauld Clan Leader London, UK

Administrators & Clan Members

    [KH]Able Jones KH Hall of Fame Great Britain
[KH]BabyAlien KH Hall of Fame East Yorkshire, UK
[KH]Cloth Ears Veteran Great Britain
[KH]Cross Veteran Turkey
[KH]Pufu Moderator Romania
[KH]Rollo Veteran Norway
[KH]Mr Guarnere KH Hall of Fame Bucks, UK
[KH]AlphaGuerilla Moderator Somewhere in the arctic Zone
[KH]O.D private Norway
[KH]iprotocol Lance Corporal Sweden
[KH]Alan Moderator Croatia
[KH]Dark Fenix Captain Great Britain
[KH]Grinderboy Moderator Great Britain
[KH]Foxy Staff Sergeant
Great Britain
[KH]Trolllol Sergeant Sweden
[KH]Matt Sergeant Great Britain
[KH]Operater 57 Lance Corporal Great Britain
[KH]Eihwaz Captain Germany
[KH]Timo Damage Captain Great Britain
[KH]Nat Lance Corporal
[KH]Sylverfyre Corporal Great Britain
[KH]Seraphim_at Captain Austria
[KH]Shangri Private
Great Britain
[KH]Olly Captain Great Britain
[KH]Wraith Captain Netherlands
[KH]Rick Captain Great Britain
[KH]Dessi Corporal Great Britain
[KH]Tyler Sergeant Great Britain
[KH]Happy Private Netherlands
[KH]Nick Private Great Britain
[KH]Padsaw Private Great Britain
[KH]Chainsaw Private Great Britain
[KH]DrCrow Private Turkey

Decorated Clan Members

    service medalservice medalservice medal [KH]Able Jones For services in combat
service medalservice medalservice medal [KH]Pauld For services above and beyond the call of duty
service medalservice medal [KH]AlphaGuerilla For services in flying
service medalservice medalservice medal[KH]DaOarge For services above and beyond the call of duty
service medal [KH] Watson For services in video making and mission antics
service medal [KH] null For services in mission scripting