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Postby [KH]Tyler on Tue May 10, 2016 10:15 pm

TO: Kellys Heroes

FROM: Tyler

SITUATION: Feruz Abad is a key objective that the enemy currently has full control of and also have control of the mine in the area that they are using for funding terrorism within the region. We need a FOB in the area to disrupt enemy forces.

ATTACHMENTS/DETACHMENTS: Kellys Heroes will be attached to a chopper to the AO where Air assets will be in assistance to get logistics to the AO. You will also have a detachment of Air Support and Artillery from other NATO Forces.

EARLIEST TIME OF MOVE: Earliest time of move will be dependent on logistics load. All units must be ready no later for loading and takeoff no later than 1930hrs (BST)

NATURE AND TIME OF THE OPERATION: Kellys Heroes will land no later at AO than 2030hrs. Support by fire if required to allow building of FOB to take place. After FOB is ready MHQ will be transported to position and additional support vehicles to conduct patrols and disrupt the enemy.

TIME/PLACE OPORD ISSUANCE: Task force OPORD will be issued no later than 12/05/2016.

ADMINISTRATIVE/LOGISTICAL INFORMATION: CO of the operation will coordinate logistical support for TF. All units will receive a hot meal and be allowed to obtain all their needed kit prior to mission at the arsenal station.

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