Kellys Heroes YogCraft Server

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Kellys Heroes YogCraft Server

Postby [KH]Trolllol on Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:47 pm


Kellys Heroes YogCraft Server

YogCraft server IP:
Hexxit server IP:

Whitelist enabled and copied from our Tekkit and Minecraft server.
Meaning that if you have been on either you should be able to get in on this server too. If not just give a shout out and we will have you added ASAP.



What is it?
    The YogCraft Modpack is a compilation of the best and most balanced mods of both the Tekkit Pack and the Feed-the-Beast pack and a few outside mods that seemd fitting.

Which Mods are in it?
    Most you are used to and then a few cherries untop. Modpacks like IdustrialCraft and Equivalent Exchange has been modified for balance, Meaning no more Energy Condensers, Energy Collectors and other items that could create matter out of nothing. For a complete list check:

How do I play?
    -First much like Tekkit do you download a mod launcher. In this case the FTB Launcher from Download link

    -Then once you got the "FTB_Launcher.exe" in a folder of your choice you launch that select the "Create Profile" in the drop down menu in the lower right corner. Fill in with your Minecraft details you use in the Vanilla game.

    -Once that is done move on to the tab "Modpacks" and select the "Yogcraft Modpack" and click on the "Launch" button in the absolute lower right corner of the Launcher.

Further Intel about the ins and outs of everyday yogcraft life can be gain by studying:

Texture Pack


While vanilla texture are more then enough for some, other like myself might want a little more colour and definition while travesing the vast landscape of Minecraft.

Sphax PureBDcraft comes highly recommended and the great community over there has put together a sweet pack with new juicy textures for most of the blocks and items introduced with the YogCraft Modpack.

Head over to to download and follow their instructions on how to savour in this juicy pack of goodness.

1. Open up the FTB launcher and click on Yogcraft modpack
2. Click on edit modpack and open up Jarmods.

3. Install Optifine for 1.4.6 - 1.4.7 Found /Here Direct Download

4. Once done get the Original Sphax textures for 1.4.7

5. Download this file and put it into a .zip file along with the Original texture

6. Name it what ever you want!

7. Locate where you installed FTB and open Yogcraft/minecraft/texturepacks/ and put the .Zip file in there

8.Run the Yogcraft modpack click on the texturepack you chose,


Other then that if you want inspiration on what you can and want to do once on the server I recommend taking a peek at one or more of the curretn YogCraft series ongoing over on the Yogcasts Youtube channels:

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Re: Kellys Heroes YogCraft Server

Postby [KH]Grinderboy on Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:22 pm

mmmm doing it in a grindy kinda way ;-)
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Re: Kellys Heroes YogCraft Server

Postby Emberflame on Mon May 20, 2013 5:41 pm


I'm Emberflame as you can see from my panel here. I was wondering is this MC server still up? What are the rules and would it be possible to get whitelisted?
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Re: Kellys Heroes YogCraft Server

Postby [KH]Jman on Tue May 21, 2013 7:54 am

Hi Emberflame yes that's fine I'll add you to the whitelist since you asked so nicely.
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Re: Kellys Heroes YogCraft Server

Postby [KH]Pauld on Wed May 22, 2013 4:35 am

Hi Emberflame There arnt any rules per say, Just be sensible and respect other players builds and certainly no stealing :)
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