ACRE & ACE Radio Tutorial

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ACRE & ACE Radio Tutorial

Postby [KH]Jman on Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:24 am

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Re: ACRE & ACE Radio Tutorial

Postby [KH]Happy on Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:28 pm

thanks for that, as soon as I got a few days off I'm gonna look at how to install this onto my computer, for it looks very interesting and sounds very appealing with what I think is a great immersion factor. Will start practising tonight on the VHF onboard :lol:

Mind you I still have to have a go at ACE and see how and what, just started back in arma and I have to say, seeing all the video's it looks rather nice all those items and I think with radio's and the immersion factor will benefit from all those neat little things.

found this here:The whole manual:

Basic Operation
The Default Hot-Keys for ACRE are as follows:

- Open your current radio GUI, if you have one
- Hot-swap between the radios you are carrying as your active radio
- Window displaying information on the radios you are carrying, and ability to change active radio
- Radio PTT Key
- Change the current radio to be in both ears
- Change the current radio to be in your left ear
- Change the current radio to be in your right ear
?Inside the Action Menu*
- Raise/Lower headset to simulate putting it around your neck
Direct Speaking
Use your normal Teamspeak PTT Key, whatever you have configured it as. You will hear people move about you in 3D.

Radio Transmission
Whenever a person speaks or you yourself speak on a radio, you will hear two different types of 'squawks'. indicating both begin and end of transmission. Be careful! Transmitting at the same time as someone else creates feedback, and will make everyone listening angry. If you do not hear anything, that means you are out of range.
Additionally, you will hear a background fuzz and distortion on a person speaking when they are on radio. Lastly, you can hear a person speak 'directly' when they speak on a radio, if you are not listening to that frequency. If you don't hear the distortion and buzz, that means you aren't receiving their radio transmission.

All Radios
1. If you're player has started with ItemRadio, it will automatically be replaced with a PRC-343
2. If it is the only radio on you, it is active by default
3. Press either CTRL+SHIFT+C to swap between active radios, or CTRL+SHIFT+V to view your radios
4. Select the radio you want to use in step #3
5. Press CNTRL+SHIFT+X, the Radio GUI will open
6. Press ESC to leave the GUI

?click the UP and DOWN arrows on the radio
- The channel and frequency will be displayed. Be on the same channel/frequency as someone else
?Press and HOLD your Radio PTT Key (CAPSLOCK)
?You will hear a 'squawk', or beep, which indicates you are transmitting
?Say "I am a jolly Rodger"
?Let go of your Radio PTT Key (CAPSLOCK)
- You will hear another 'squawk', or radio "cut", indicating you have stopped transmitting
The AN/PRC-119 consists of multiple functions on the radio. Currently, some are not enabled. The functionality available as of right now is as follows.

?6 pre-programmed channels
- You are able to click the knob to 'turn' it between channels
?Switching between power(PWR) modes. These are 400mW, 2200mW, 4000mW, and 40,000mW
- 40,000mW is "PA Mode", which is only available in vehicles
?Programming to a custom frequency for a channel or in manual mode
In a simple scenario, you can simply click the channel knob, and you will be on those frequencies. If you wish to program a custom frequency, you can do the following:

?Click the 'CLR' button to clear the current frequency
?Program the 5-digit frequency you wish to use.
- Ex: if you want the frequency 3.111, this would be programmed by clicking: 0 - 3 - 1 - 1 - 1
?Click 'CTO' to use that frequency.
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